create Logical Volume Manager (LVM) partitions using kickstart

June 3, 2006

How to create Logical Volume Manager (LVM) partitions using kickstart?


The following options are required under 'Disk Partition Information' section in ks.cfg file, for creating the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) partitions using kickstart.

#Disk partitioning information
part pv.<id> 
volgroup <name> <partition>
logvol <mountpoint> --vgname=<volume_group_name> --size=<size> --name=<name>

The options should be used in the sequence as they are mentioned. Physical Volume should be created first then Volume Group and then Logical Volume(s).

Two physical partitions should be created for Boot and Swap partitions and the rest of the space should be allocated using LVM.

Partition Size Name
/boot 150MB /boot
swap 1GB swap
/ 8GB lv_root
/var 4GB lv_var
/tmp 2GB lv_tmp
/spare remaining space lv_spare

The following entries are required in ks.cfg file, as per the above requirements:

#Disk partitioning information
part /boot --fstype ext3 --size=150
part swap --size=1024
part pv.01 --size=1 --grow
volgroup vg_root pv.01
logvol  /  --vgname=vg_root  --size=8192  --name=lv_root
logvol  /var  --vgname=vg_root  --size=4096  --name=lv_var
logvol  /tmp  --vgname=vg_root  --size=2048  --name=lv_tmp
logvol  /spare  --vgname=vg_root  --size=1  --grow  --name=lv_spare

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