write a message to a particular user through terminal

April 21, 2010

We use wall to broadcast any message to all users logged in at any point of time through terminal

We can use ‘write’ command to send or write a message to a particular user through terminal.

root@server1056 [/root]# w
18:23:38 up 22 days, 17:03, 3 users, load average: 0.47, 0.22, 0.12
root pts/0 1x.3x.7x.53-sta 17:48 0.00s 0.06s 0.06s -bash
root pts/3 12x.16x.6x.138 16:14 40:29 0.19s 0.19s -bash
obama pts/4 adsl-7x-4x-1x-18 Mon18 47:18m 0.00s 0.01s sshd: obama [priv]

root@server1056 [/root]# write obama pts/4

hey bud, please call me, I lost your no. since my cell was stolen.

root@server1056 [/root]#

After typing “write obama pts/4” as the command hit enter key once,

then type your message and hit your enter key once to push the message.

then hit ctrl+d to exit out of the write session.



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